Meet Danielle

The Soulful Writer

I am Danielle; a mental health and wellness expert and soulful writer. I have been a licensed therapist for just a touch under a decade, and a writer since I could make words legibly appear on paper. In the past few years, I have been blending the two into a delicious smoothie of empowering blog posts for women's emotional health, inspiring copy for wellness websites, and motivating marketing materials that get customers in the virtual doors of health related businesses.

To say I am a versatile writer is an understatement. I can write clean, intellectual, and professional copy, whip up a wickedly humorous blog post, or touch the soft spots of peoples' hearts with relatable content, sometimes all at the same time. I have a keen eye for detail, so if proofreading is what you need, I got you covered.

I so look forward to collaborating with you and seeing the magic appear.


Danielle Cotter, MA LMFT PMH-C