[good news] Fenghua high tech launched end electrode copper paste for high-end ceramic capacitors to solve the problem of "neck sticking"

发布于: 2022-03-11 12:18
Classification: Industry News

Fenghua high tech launched copper paste for end electrode of high-end ceramic capacitor with independent intellectual property rights to solve the technical problem of "neck sticking".

Fenghua high tech's main product MLCC
High end chip capacitor (MLCC) is the strategic direction of the company's product development. Low temperature sintered copper slurry is one of the key materials required for the production of high-end MLCC. At present, it basically relies on imports from Japan and South Korea, and faces the risk of material blockade at any time. In order to complete the technical upgrading of its main products, Fenghua high tech has devoted itself to overcoming the technology of "development and industrialization of low-temperature copper end electrode slurry" for many years, and worked hard to solve the problem of "neck sticking" of key materials. Through independent innovation, the company selects the technical route of self-developed and self-produced glass powder and domestic copper powder, completely autonomously turns the copper slurry technology into a technology with independent intellectual property rights. Certified by the fifth Electronic Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, a third-party testing organization, the product reliability is much better than the copper slurry imported from Japan for the same purpose. At the same time, the cost is reduced by nearly 50%, realizing the strategic goal of high quality and low cost. At the same time, through the development of core supporting processes, the efficiency of MLCC end sealing process has been greatly improved, and the process technology has been improved and optimized, which will significantly improve the product qualification rate and quality level. In the next step, Fenghua high tech will adhere to the innovation driven strategy, focus on science and technology, target the world's first-class, align the industry benchmark and market demand, strive to fight the battle to improve the self-production rate of high-end materials, make every effort to overcome the "neck" problem, and make unremitting efforts to achieve high-level R & D technology and self-reliance.


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