Fenghua high Tech automobile MLCC ushered in explosive growth

发布于: 2022-03-20 00:00
Classification: Industry News

With the continuous deepening of reform in the automotive industry, the iterative upgrading of functions such as on-board entertainment system and automatic driving, and the continuous expansion of market demand for high-end automotive electronic components, Fenghua high tech has seized the development opportunity and established strategic cooperative relations with many automotive electronic customers. Vehicle regulation products have successively entered the supply chain of major brand automotive front loading enterprises, and the market position has been continuously improved. In the first quarter of 2022, the supply of Fenghua high-tech vehicle regulation products was in short supply. The cumulative order receiving amount and delivery amount increased by 39.55% and 40.10% year-on-year respectively, and the market share continued to rise. Among them, the number of orders received and delivery amount of automobile MLCC increased significantly, with a year-on-year increase of 144% and 191% respectively. The product sales structure was further optimized. The delivery amount of a benchmark customer in a single new energy automobile industry in the first quarter increased by 246% year-on-year, a record high.

Guanhua branch is the largest branch of Fenghua high tech. its leading product is MLCC. It is one of the top eight MLCC manufacturers in the world. As early as 2003, Guanhua branch began to layout the automotive electronics market and set up a special line for the production of vehicle regulation products. In 2006, it passed iatf16949 quality system certification. With the improvement of vehicle intelligence and the penetration of new energy vehicles, Guanhua branch has accelerated the research and development of vehicle specification products with high reliability, high and low temperature resistance and excellent mechanical resistance. Most specifications have obtained aec-q200 safety certification. By actively developing automotive electronic customers, MLCC has successively entered automotive electronic products such as automotive lighting, electric seats, on-board navigation, automotive instruments and so on. The demand for automobile MLCC will continue to maintain the growth trend. In order to alleviate the difficult situation of MLCC delivery of imported vehicle regulations, domestic automotive electronic customers have accelerated the certification of domestic vehicle regulation MLCC suppliers, further increasing the demand for vehicle regulation MLCC. The supply of vehicle regulation products is in short supply, and the delivery schedule of some large-size vehicle regulation products has exceeded 6 months. Fenghua high tech will take advantage of the momentum, build momentum, grasp the key opportunity for the development of new energy vehicle industry and domestic substitution, speed up the construction of Xianghe Industrial Park high-end capacitor base project with an investment of 7.5 billion yuan, promote large-scale development with large projects, promote vehicle regulation product expansion projects, and accelerate production capacity output. At the same time, relying on technological innovation to drive growth, strengthen total quality management, realize the upgrading of product structure, make rapid and steady transformation to high-end application market, promote the integration of the company with high-speed development industries, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.


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